Introducing YALI Network Nigeria Transparency and Accountability Summit (A YALI Abuja Initiative) in Collaboration with YALI RLC Alumni, MWF Alumni, Face2Face Network Members across 25 states of the Federation and Impact Driven Young Leaders Iniative (IYDL Initiative). This event is sponsored by the US Embassy Abuja and it is designed to catalyze the abilities of Young African Leaders participating from across 25 States of Nigeria (where structured YALI hubs exists) to take up initiatives that will reinforce the role of government in creatively providing the needs of the people and ensuring accountability at all levels, through well-designed project.


YALI Face2Face Abuja comprise a group of young leaders (youths) who are: entrepreneurs, civil society members, students, civil servants; using their skills, time and resources to champion good governance, civic engagements, volunteering, improving education, health care developments and many more areas.


“Sustainable development thrives on Good Governance”

“Accountability, the life blood of Good Governance”

“Institutional growth is sustained by ethical leadership”

“Strengthening youth participation in Governance in line with African Governance African Capacity of Youth/responsibility”

“Inclusive Governance for us means that Young people are actively engaged in politics and administration”



Good Governance