Day 1

September 4th

Conference on Democracy, Election and Good Governance

THEME: Responsible Governance;

TOPIC: More Than Voting; Democratic Governance In Between Elections

TOPIC: The Role Of Nigerian Media In Advancing Democracy

TOPIC: Economics That Underpin A Democracy; How Government Can Support Private Sector Contributions.

Day 2

September 5th

Plenary Session

This is a moderated plenary session. During this session delegates/ participants will be presenting position papers also called the Assigned State Review (ASR).

To show how accountability and sustainability can mitigate or solve the identified problems.

And the approach they will be adopting.

Day 3

September 6th

Training and Cultural Night

During the morning hours, delegates will be engaged in a training on behavior change communication, analysis and reporting of findings/information and the use of tracking tools for assessment and evaluation of systems and processes.

This is geared towards building campaigns around specific issues affecting States to pressure the government and political leaders towards adopting best practices to meet the needs of communities.

During the evening hours, delegates will participate in a cultural event to display their culture and also exchange knowledge on typical traditions in Nigeria.